What is PALStex®

PALStex® is a special laminate fabric that is based on Cordura®, resulting in one of the most powerful all-rounders.

The laminate, which is made from tried and tested CORDURA®, meets the NATO-STANAG 4370 standards for resistance to environmental influences and use in all climate zones. Even under extreme conditions such as cold, it shows no material breakage, and neither high temperatures nor high humidity lead to delamination. These characteristics make PALStex® ideal for personal protective equipment, where it has a wide range of applications.

PALStex® laminate enables the development of design-free solutions for modern laser-cut carrying systems that offer the user a perfect balance between superior robustness and maximum wearing comfort.

Unmatched design approaches with its two identical fabric sides, PALStex® allows color variations and ergonomic, flatter designs, resulting in a significant cost reduction as many products no longer require elaborate edging. PALStex® sets new standards in production and supports modern laser processes for cutting and engraving. The ideal combination of the material with laser cutting creates fine, virtually radius-free contours as well as lint-free, clean and sealed cut edges.

Palstex® Laser-Cut Laminat

Striche-weißen Hintergrund


PALStex® has been specially optimized for laser-cut-carrying systems. These offer the advantage that the cut edges are welded during laser cutting while making them tear-resistant. These properties make the carrying systems extremely durable and stable, and equipment can be easily attached. PALStex® can also be engraved with a laser. This means that processing markings can be made during the cutting process, saving a separate work step. Furthermore, automatic serial numbers can be engraved on individual parts and complete products, thus guaranteeing complete documentation of the product, as required in the PPE sector.


PALStex® is primarily used in personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective clothing. PALStex® can be made flame-retardant without affecting its other technical properties. This makes it the first choice for special forces such as the police and military, as well as an interesting option for rescue services and occupational safety equipment suppliers.

Rescue service/ fire department
Occupational safety


Like CORDURA ®, PALStex ® can be dyed and printed in any color. It can easily be equipped with the required IR signatures for camouflage prints. On request, we can equip the laminate with FR properties if required, including self-extinguishing. Thanks to the patented Deliflame FR technology, PALStex® achieves the highest known FR standards without losing its flame-retardant properties through washing, ageing or environmental influences. Matrix fabrics are produced according to the respective specifications of the country. We produce custom colors and prints of any kind, even with IR specifications, from 500 linear meters on request.

Various colors and camouflage prints in stock. Any color/design/camouflage print is possible with low MOQ.

Can be used under all climatic conditions -without delamination or breakage.

Can be finished to achieve the highest FR standards, including permanent self-extinguishing.

OEKO-TEX® certification possible.

Made in Germany, with know-how from the automotive industry.

Perfect balance between weight and inherent rigidity.

High breaking and tear resistance.

Washable without loss of performance.

PALStex powerd by Tacticaltrim

Wolf Grey
Ranger Green
Coyote Brown
MultiCam®  Alpin/Weiß
MultiCam®  Tropic/Ranger Green
MultiCam® Original/Coyote Brown
MultiCam® Black/Black
MultiCam® Arid/French Beige
5-color spot camouflage